Daily Torah Study Delivered

Join 20,000+ others around the world who are using Chayenu to study Torah every day.


Complete the entire five Books of Moses, the primary source of Jewish law, with the commentary of Rashi, by learning a section every single day.


A small book explaining a great God and the reason for creation. A daily dose of Tanya will greatly inspire you to live life to its fullest.


Unite with many others in studying the entire corpus of Jewish law, by studying a chapter of Maimonides’ Mishnah Torah each day.

Sefer Hamitzvos

Maimonides’ Book of Commandments will give you a rudimentary understanding of each of the 613 Torah Commandments and its biblical source.

Gates of Trust

From Duties of the heart by Bahya ibn Paquda is a rare kind of work that both inspires us and at the same time guides us, providing tools and the wherewithal to confront and transform the everyday challenges that we all face.

Chassidic Story

A Chasidic story inspires the heart and mind. Take a minute to read and experience the life and times of the Chassidic masters


We can bring Moshiach by studying about the messianic times. Culled from the teachings throughout the ages, inspire yourself for his coming.


Do you want to know how to live Jewish. Studying a few paragraphs of the Concise Code of Jewish Law will give you practical guidance.

Keser Shem Tov

Promised that the dissemination of his teachings will be a catalyst in the arrival of Moshiach, learn from the teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov.

Hayom Yom

Written as a daily guide and source for chasisidc uplifting, read the Hayom Yom (translated: the day is a day) to have an inspired day.


Let the inner light of Chassidic philosophy capture your imaginations and help you understand the mystical teachings of the Torah.

Rebbe Responsa

The Lubavitcher Rebbe inspired the world over with his personal response to all issues and challenges of life. Read a letter and be inspired.

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Exclusive Content

Much of the content in the Chayenu app is exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else - both in terms of content and format. We are also regularly adding new exclusive content produced for Chayenu. So, enjoy access to content that's only available via the Chayenu app.

Daily/Weekly Study

The content is divided into daily, and weekly study sections, so you can conveniently work your study around your schedule (or work your schedule, around your study!).

Directly to your device

The Chayenu app is designed as a native app that, when opened, downloads the current weekly and daily learning onto your device. This means that once downloaded, you can study the material while traveling on the train or a flight.

Something for Everyone

The Chayenu app offers both free and premium content. So, enjoy access to our free content or upgrade whenever you want to access the exclusive premium content. You can cancel at any time. The content also ranges from byte sized titbits to more advanced study - so there's something there for every level.

Instantly Immersive

We've designed a clean and user-friendly layout that is easy to read, making your Torah Torah learning experience instantly immersive. Also, enjoy the side by side translation with Nekudot (vowels) for easy readability.

Customize your Experience

Customize your experience in the menu when opening the app by choosing which section (and where) you land on.

What Are People Saying?

I am a huge fan. I read the app every day. It has been life transforming and gives me the critical daily study I need for the day in an easily accessible way.
-Arnie Herz
Port Washington, NY
I love my Chayenu app! The app, on the front page of my phone, helps me feel my connection to HaShem as part of my morning routine. Besides the daily portion, my favorite reads are the “Name of the Parsha” and the Chassidic Story.”
-Alice Harron,
San Francisco, CA
The Chayenu app is the best thing since sliced bread! It really has helped keep me up-to-date with all my studies. I find myself accessing the app while in line, waiting for a meeting or taking the train. I love it.
-Chaim Meir Tessler
I am grateful that Chayenu has transformed into a super accessible app. I use the print, and now with the app, it is such a convenient way for me to get in some quick Torah study no matter where I am. And the new Chayenu app makes it easy for me to share snippets of the Torah I learn with my family and friends.
-Lisa Melkin
Melbourne, Australia