Beware, Chayenu is addictive.

It happens all the time-  someone will call our office about a “Chayenu prescription“, and then correct themselves, “I mean subscription” they say.

The truth is it’s not a mistake. Chayenu really is a prescription, and thus the Freudian slip. Chayenu is a prescription for life curing many ailments.

And yes, we find that this particular remedy, is in fact highly addictive. Which is why we take this responsibility very seriously. We are vigilant with the content we include in Chayenu- always ensuring it’s accurate  relevant and fresh. We also take pride in our exceptional delivery policy- if you haven’t received your Chayenu for the coming week by Wednesday, contact us and we will expedite replacements ASAP free of charge.

After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to get CWS (Chayenu Withdrawal Syndrome), for which only a Chayenu subscription is a known cure.


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