Chayenu Reaches Kalalau!

Chayenu Reaches Kalalau!

“Kalalau” is an 11-mile hike on the Napali (meaning: Cliffs) Coast of Kauai – Hawaii’s Garden Island.
Kalalau Beach is only accessible, either by foot (11 miles into the mountains from where the road ends) or by boat (when the strong currents and pounding surf allow for it). It is one of the most spectacular places in the world.
This remote beach – besides from the breath-taking scenery – also the Westernmost point.

In this photo, Rabbi Moshe Shemtov of Uruguay is seen learning Torah from his Chayenu, while on the Kalalau Trail (at Hanikapai Beach).
Moshe spent the High Holidays in Hilo on The Big Island, working with Rabbi Avraham Chazanow, the local Chabad Shaliach. He, along with two others, ran the services on the island’s Eastern side.
After successful Yomim-Tovim on Big Island, Rabbi Chazanow – who is renown for his endless energy – flew over with his brother-in-law, Mendy Krasnjansky and Rabbi Moshe Shemtov to do the world-renown Kalalau Trail.
Given that it was Chol HaMoed Sukkos, the trio had to secure a Lulav and Esrog before/after the trail, as well as taking along tools to build a temporary Sukkah on the remote beaches.

The group were boated out by a local Hawaiian fisherman, who took them along the coast (from where the road ends), where they had to jump off into the ocean, together with their belongings, and swim 100 feet to shore.
They, then hiked the trail over the next day and half.

Moshe Shemtov took along his Chayenu, not to miss even one day of Torah learning.
Bringing the timeless teachings of Torah to the furthest, most remote parts of earth!

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Chayenu reaches Kalalau

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