Rambam – Daily Study

Rambam – Daily Study

The daily study of Rambam, was instituted by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 5744 (1984), with three tracks (levels) so that every Jewish person could participate at some level.

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How it is done

One learns one chapter of the Mishneh Torah every single day. Occasionally, it will be a portion of a unique addition of the Rambam, such as the Rambam’s liturgy of Prayer or of the Hagadah for Pesach. It is therefore advisable to follow the study cycle with a study guide (Moreh Shiur) so that you maintain a correct pattern.

One Chapter a Day in Chayenu

Chayenu includes the one-chapter-per-day track, enabling one to complete the entire Mishneh Torah in just under 3 years!

This section features the only comprehensive English translation of Rambam, alongside the (vowelled) Hebrew, including valuable, insightful footnotes.


Unique Features:

Chayenu has gone to great lengths to add the following features, to make it more user friendly:

  1. Included vowels in the Hebrew
  2. Reformatted the entire Rambam, with Hebrew and English side-by-side on the same page, for easier cross-reference.
  3. Included only those footnotes which directly affect understanding Pshat (basic meaning), and omitting the in-depth, analytical ones (which are very valuable, and are a good reason to invest in purchasing the set, but may be too deep for the average learner)
  4. Included occasional diagrams or charts.

Publisher: Moznaim Publishers