Daily Tehillim

Daily Tehillim

The recitation of the daily Tehillim after Morning Prayer is one of the three daily regimens which make up the learning of Chitas.

How it is done

King David’s 150-chapter biblical book of Tehillim (Psalms) is divided in a number of ways.

It is split into five books, which correspond to the Chumash, while it is also divided into seven parts so that it can be completed over the course of a week. An alternative division creates a monthly cycle, in which only a few chapters are read each day and the entire book of Tehillim is completed on the final day of each Jewish month. During months containing twenty-nine instead of thirty days, the thirtieth portion is combined with the twenty-ninth portion.

The daily Tehillim recited after Morning Prayer as part of Chitas follows this monthly cycle, so that it begins anew on
the start of each Jewish month.

Tehillim in Chayenu

Chayenu includes a the daily Tehillim as it is divided by the days of the month.

Publisher: Kehot