The purpose of Chayenu is to make (all dimensions of) Torah accessible to the entire global English speaking Jewish community, exclusive of affiliation and level of observance.

Chayenu achieves this by publishing and distributing a weekly English-Hebrew Torah study magazine. Chayenu also looks to promote all formats of English-Hebrew Torah study

Chayenu is guided by the following core values:
The cover price of the magazine will be as low as possible in order to make it affordable to as many people as possible.
Chayenu will take an all-inclusive approach to content, marketing & distribution.
Notwithstanding its affordability, Chayenu will pursue and implement a viable business model- keeping a vigilant watch over the bottom line.

Founded in 2009, Chayenu is a subcsription based weekly Torah publication (in Hebrew & English) focused on the daily study cycles of Chumash (with Rashi), Rambam and Tanya. Chayenu also features fresh content from a variety of relevant and inspirational Torah sources including classical commentaries and current original content.

Our short term goal is to print and distribute 10,000 copies weekly to Jews across the world.

The first week Chayenu printed 900 copies. Since then, we have grown 100% each year. We are currently printing and distributing 4000 copies each week.