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Overview of Content

Daily Study Section:

CHUMASH & RASHIThis section includes the weekly Torah portion, the seven ‘Aliyos’ divided by the day of the week. 

  • TANYA This section covers the daily Tanya portion, covering the entire book in one year. Tanya is the Bible of Jewish-Chasidic  Mysticism, guiding one in a spiritual path of Divine connection. 
      • Debuting a NEW Hebrew-English Linear translation with vowels (in Hebrew). Another feature exclusive to Chayenu, is a brief overview of each lesson (one paragraph in length) with a concise synopsis, so you know what to expect.
      • This developing project is in conjunction with Kehot Publication Society
  • RAMBAM– This section follows the Daily Rambam cycle of One-Chapter-A-Day, featuring the most comprehensive English translation available today.
      • This project is in association with Moznaim Publishers. To purchase an entire set of Rambam, click here.
  • Sefer HaMitzvos A brief study of each Mitzvah- completing all 613 Mitzvos in a year.  Sefer Hamitzvos, written by the Rambam and translated by Rabbi Moses ibn Tibbon, lists all the positive and negative commandments that Jews are obligated to fulfill. In (5744) 1984, The Lubavitcher Rebbe launched a campaign to encourage Jews across the world to unite in learning The Daily Rambam Study Cycle. By learning a set number of mitzvot each daily, we complete the entire book, comprised of 613 Mitzvos, in one year.
  • HaYom Yom– An anthology of aphorisms & customs, arranged according to the days of the year.

Weekly Study Section:

  • Parsha Insight– Interpretations of the Weekly Torah readings.
  • Geulah– Themes relating to redemption based on the weekly Parsha.
  • Chassidus – A timely synopsis of the deepest dimensions of the written and oral Torah.
  • Rebbe Responsa – Letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in English.
  • Halacha & Minhag– Excerpts from books relating to Jewish law & customs.
  • Moadim– Chassidic Insights into the Cycle of the Jewish Year.
  • Chassidic Story– A section of inspirational stories featuring Chasidic masters and mystics.