How do I cancel my subscription to the app?

If you bought your subscription via the app store, you will need to cancel your subscription through your app store account.

  • In Google Play, go to you Play account > Account > Subscriptions > Manage, and then cancel your recurring payment.
  • In Apple, please follow these instructions:

If you bought your subscription on Chayenu’s website, you will need to login to your Chayenu account and cancel, or contact us at [email protected] and request a cancellation.

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Why do you charge for premium access when I can get most of the content for free online?

We designed the app as a freemium service. Some stuff free. Some stuff paid.

Most of the content on the Chayenu app is not available anywhere else. i.e., the Chumash we use is unique and not published anywhere else. The Rambam side by side with Nikud (punctuation) is unique. And so are most of the other sections. Sure, you can get free content elsewhere. But you will not find all of the Chayenu content, in this format, anywhere else.

Take a look ...

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Why do I keep getting logged out of the app?

Once you have paid and logged in, you should stay logged in for the entire time that your account is active, unless you manually log out.

There is however a bug we’re working on  — if you don’t have enough free space on your device, your device will automatically delete your login credentials and log you out.

This happens a lot with iOS, and also sometimes with Android.

We’re working on a permanent fix for this, but in the meantime please free up at ...

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