We are thrilled to announce, after many months of work by the Chayenu team, and tens of thousands of dollars, the new Chayenu native app is ready for download on the Apple and Android platforms!


What makes the new Chayenu app unique?

It delivers the daily Torah study cycles directly to your device
Nowhere else will you find this content in this format
Rambam, Hebrew-English side by side with nekudos
Chumash Rashi with Nekudos and side-by-side translation
The new Lessons in Tanya in Linear format with commentary
Hayom-Yom with Hebrew/English and Nekudos
The layout is very clean and user-friendly
Customize your experience when opening the app by choosing which section (and where) you land on
New exciting content and cool features coming soon

Thank you to our participating publishers for the content they have graciously shared to make this happen.

Some logistics

It’s currently free. Go ahead and try it out!
After April, it will be a “freemium” I.e. Some content will remain complimentary with a subscription unlocking all the remaining content
Print subscribers will receive a discount toward the digital edition
The previous App will still function temporarily allowing for weekly purchases of the older format (identical to Chayenu Print layout)
Subscribers who purchased the print + digital packages on our website will still have access to the older Chayenu app




The new Chayenu app is made possible through the generosity of

Rabbi Roberto & Margie Szerer