Chayenu in the IDF

Chayal-El-Chayal– Is an IDF volunteer-based organization which addresses the spiritual and material well-being of ‘lone soldiers’ (typically from outside Israel, with no family in the Homeland), ensuring they are provided for adequately. (To learn more about their work visit:
Chayenu has partnered with Chayal-El-Chayal to provide a spiritual boost to these lone soldiers by making Chayenu available to them free of charge.  This project is only possible through the sponsorship of generous individuals such as yourself.
To sponsor an IDF soldier with a year subscription to Chayenu for a $180 click below: 


About the photo: Two boys from Crown Heights, Yudi Schechter, a Corporal in the 13th Battalion in the Golani Brigade and Staff Sergeant Shalom Kanevsky in the 97th Battalion in the Kfir Brigade, on their way home from base, were spotted learning from a Chayenu.)

From our inbox:

I’m currently a lone soldier in the Israeli Air Force. I wanted to learn Chitas but I found it difficult to understand without english translation. With Chayenu’s well designed format and translated text, it’s made it super simple and easy for me to get through Chitas B”H. As a soldier constantly traveling on the bus to and from base, Chayenu’s weekly compilation is something I simply can’t do without!

This is the second week that I’ve received the Chayenu from Chayal el Chayal and I really appreciate it. These publications give me strength throughout the week, I do hope they keep coming and I want to thank all those who make this possible for us!

Yossi Wolfe- (Tucson, Arizona) Israel