“Chayenu is a must for anyone interested in systematic weekly study in manageable morsels yet filled with wisdom and Torah breadth. Equally applicable to a Chabad Chossid or any one questing for a good balance of the spiritual and tangible dimensions of Judaism, the English translation affords a wonderful opportunity for a much wider audience, and often clarifies more obtuse concepts. I warmly commend the editors.”

Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf
Dean, Spiritgrow- Josef Kryss Center Australia


“As a subscriber of CHAYENU I am thrilled to finally have a weekly study guide. On the road traveling often and constantly on the go, CHAYENU has provided me an easy way to learn. Written in English that is perfect for the beginner to the more advanced. I strongly recommend CHAYENU to anyone looking for that one booklet to assist you with your personal growth in Torah Study”

Alan “Shlomo” Veingrad
Former NFL Offensive Lineman with the Green Bay Packers
and Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII Championship Team


“Going through my issue [of CHAYENU] is one of the highlight of my week”

Jonathan Beck
Woodmere, New York


“Since I stared to read Chayenu, I’ve been learning and growing in Torah, Mitzvot, Halacha and Chassidus. It’s amazing all the information I can get from just one single magazine. Also, I’ve been developing a tremendous discipline in my spiritual life, because Chayenu challenges me to study every single day, the portions that I need, so, I think that this is an amazing method for Jewish people who want to start a serious Jewish observance.”

Ezra Yosef Torres
Chula Vista, California


“CHAYENU is absolutely a wonderful publication, G-d bless you.”

Lee Slavutin
New York, New York


“I give a shiur every morning in chassidus and we have run out of all the English translations and we are now using the CHAYENU. It is fantastic!”

Tzvi Morantz
Ft Lauderdale, Florida


“I love CHAYENU and learn the whole booklet every week!- Yasher koach!”

Esther Rochel
Bal Harbour, Florida


“since moving from Pittsburgh to….. West Florida, it has made daily learning more easily available. It’s an incredible “service” you provide.”

Steve Levin
North Port, Florida


“Why I love Chayenu.

I asked my Rabbi to set me up with a regular learning regime that would fit into my busy day. He prescribed Chumash with Rashi; Daily Tanya; and Rambam! Chayenu covers all in an easy to carry format with a well executed English Translation. In fact, the Tanya portion is easier to learn from as it has vowelized Hebrew and I find the English translation better than other books out there. I also love the translated Maamer. It is my favorite read on Shabbat!”

Steven Duke
Mercer Island, Washington


“Its amazing really making it more of a reality for me to do Chitas [Daily Study portions of Chumash, Tehillim & Tanya]. Thank you”

Sarah Meretsky
State College, Pennsylvania


Thank you. This is a fantastic compilation that makes it so easy to keep up on Torah study anywhere!

D. Schulman Ann Arbor, Michigan


[Chayenu] has truly changed my [spiritual] life for the better. Thank you for all the work and effort you put into making this publication as great as it is. Continued success.

Shlomo Simons
Brooklyn, New York


I want to thank you and the entire Chayenu team for a job well done. I now receive Chayenu in the mail and its truly amazing. Ive been encouraging my friends to use it. Keep up the good work.

Chaim Shaul
Bozeman, Montana


Cheyenu is absolutely TERRIFIC! Thank you very much for all your hard work.it has been a real asset to my learning.

Chaim Starr
West Hartford Connecticut


Chayenu is a professional, impressive and inspirational publication. Thank u for
all your efforts in making learning Torah that much easier.

Zeesy Deren
Cape Town, South Africa


Baruch HaShem for Chayenu. I just started subscribing around Rosh HaShanah and it has really helped me with my dedication to daily learning. Thank you for bringing Torah to both my door and my soul.

Jonathan Dress
Sharon, Massachusetts


Just received my first three weekly study guides….wow…wow….and wow……this is fantastic!

Jonathan. B
Calabasas, California


I would like to thank you for putting so much effort into the Chayenu every single week- I love it!

Mendy Reicher
Melbourne, Australia