Three Tracks
The Rambam initiative calls for an annual completion of the entire Mishneh Torah, including Rambam’s lengthy explanatory introduction.

However, acknowledging that not everyone is capable of reviewing three chapters of Mishneh Torah each day as required to keep pace with the program to complete it annually, the Rebbe
introduced the initiative with three distinct tracks:

1) Three chapters per day, so that the entire Mishneh Torah is completed in just less than one year.
2) Those who are unable to learn three chapters a day should learn one chapter a day – completing the entire Mishneh Torah in a little less than three years.
3) Those who are unable to study Mishneh Torah at all should study Sefer HaMitzvos; [the daily portions should include] the mitzvos that correspond to the three-chapters-per-day cycle.
These options make it possible for everyone to participate in this collective, unified effort, regardless of their scope of knowledge.

Likkutei Sichos, vol. 32, p. 271ff.

Accordingly, men and women, and even children, who may not have the time or ability to study even a single chapter of Mishneh Torah on a daily basis can nevertheless be included in this
remarkable global Torah project.